maandag 26 januari 2015

Doreen Nyza Burgess (Holgate)

Doreen, zo heb ik haar altijd gekend.  Wat zou ik zo graag andere dan doodsberichten in deze blog zetten.  Maar, spijtig genoeg dwingt de realiteit...  Toch, voeg ik hier graag enkele quotes van haar kinderen bij.  Ik hoop dat jullie me niet kwalijk nemen, dat ik jullie citeer...

Doreen, I always knew her by this name.  How I prefer to write other notes than death notifications  in this blog.  However, reality forces me...  But, I like to add some very nice quotes from her children.  I hoop you don't blame me for quoting you...

Garth: there is now a large void in our life and it is going to be difficult to fill.

Dee: Mother had a peaceful end to her life and died at home as she had wished with her children by her side.  Louise had even given Mum e manicure.  Wanting to look her best until the end.
Mark: Doreen was a good mother to us al.Only the younger ones around now, as she was the last of an era.

The funeral will take place on the 3th of February

De foto van Doreen werd genomen op haar 90ste verjaardag.

This photo was taken at her 90th birthday.

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